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Descriptive essay writing

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Writing a descriptive essay should be preceded by selection process of topics selection and literature search. If you were given a common theme, then it must be narrow, otherwise you will not be able to meet in small volume and with high quality to develop a theme. For example, the theme „Culture of Russia“ is so vast that it is possible to consider the composition of the peoples of the country, interaction with different cultures, the history of culture of Russia and dozens of other issues. One has only to add to this topic details how it will become more specific. In case of problems with the definition of the topic we recommend you to get acquainted with the relevant material on the topic .

After you determine with the subject will devote sufficient time to the selection and study of literature. Your task is not to find material and copy it, but to search in different sources some interesting facts. For this you’ll appreciate electronic and print periodicals, directories, news, legal and other sites that presents relevant information.

During this work, be sure to carefully write out quotes and sources below when making an essay, you again search for the same literature. It is best to learn the rules of the quotations of the essay in advance — this saves you time in the future.

Writing rough draft essay

Begins descriptive essay with the introduction. Because any essay is designed to encourage the reader from the first lines to tell him something important, valuable, interesting, so he wanted to read your work further. This may be shocking statistics about some topical issue, the intrigue is relatively unusual inventions, funny story short, succinct quote or something of the same sort.

Following this, it should immediately explain to the reader what your article. Will you describe the activity well-known personalities, tells about popular book or historical event, you should indicate this. For example, in the case of a famous person briefly to introduce her to the reader.

Write the main thesis of your essay. It should Express the main idea of the work that you will prove in the mainland. For example, if you write about the political culture of Russia, in the introduction you can highlight the key feature of such a culture. Please note that the thesis should not be controversial or contradictory. It should not be any doubt or denial. For example, do not write: „the political culture of Russia, probably, is that…“ or „the government should not ignore the problems of the people.“

Make the transition from introduction to main part with one or two sentences. For example, you can describe the main ideas that will be disclosed in the work, or to invite the reader to a more detailed consideration of the topic.

In the main part of the descriptive essay you need to go to the proof of the thesis is described. The easiest way to do this with the basic ideas. Describe one new idea, you should cite relevant evidence. For example, you have identified four features of political culture in Russia. Then in the main part you represent the first feature and prove it with concrete facts. It can be described as: „Russian citizens don’t trust government. This is due to the political events… and is expressed in…“. Next you need to consistently present the other ideas, every time arguing them. The role of evidence can be statistical information, interviews, statements of famous figures and more.

In the conclusion of an essay it’s time to return to the initially formulated thesis and articulate it in new ways. For example, if you wrote about the fact that the main feature of Russian political culture is distrust of citizens to the authorities, the conclusion you can formulate the same argument with an explanation: „…distrust of citizens to the authorities, due to…“.

Also in the final part of the essay, it is recommended to summarize the basic ideas and complete the work of a specific statement, urging the reader to any action or designation of a new issue. For example, to encourage readers to think about the possible ways of formation of the Russian political culture.

If you find it difficult to keep in mind a lot of ideas and evidence for them, we recommend you to make a tentative plan . In the plan it should be noted that you are going to consider in the introduction of the essay, his main and final parts.

Correction and design essay

You may remember the old cartoon „Why is the lion a big mane?“ and the famous phrase from his „haircut only started.“ So, if you want to get a high grade for your essay, after writing the first draft should really get to work. Re-read the essay several times, bad ruthlessly remove paragraphs, add new arguments, find a more catchy phrase — so you will get a truly deep and interesting essay.

Ideally, the essay is not written for the teacher, and for readers, so it makes sense to show it to several friends and colleagues. Don’t be afraid of criticism or spend an extra half hour of time, because your task is to learnto write such a work, and not to take them just for show.

But that’s not all. After final approval of the content of the descriptive essay it is also necessary to properly execute and print. If this whole procedure seems too complicated or time-consuming, „Academician“ will help you prepare a competent descriptive essay on any topic.